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Holistic Healing for Heroes

If your you are a Veteran, Law Enforcement Officer, First Responder or Emergency Based Professional, it could cost a life if you are struggling in mind, body or spirit.

Meet Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Kadee Kotter, who helps empower Heroes to master their Mind, Body, and Spirit, so they can live with Impeccable Honor.

Kadee believes that the body was created with the ability to rejuvenate and heal itself, and knows what goes into the body, mind, and spirit, is insuring an abundant life with purpose, or a slow painful death.

Kadee is a miracle of her own rite, having been fully healed by the laying on of hands from bacterial meningitis on Christmas of 1993. She has independently helped thousands receive Jesus as their Savior, retrieving their souls from a living hell, their minds from fearful torment, and their bodies from pain and sickness. She has healed herself from several "incurable" ailments with nutrition, mental conditioning, and faith, so she knows with the right tools you can too.

Kadee has a Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner Diploma, an Associate's in Mind-Body Transformational Psychology, and holds Certificates of Excellence as a Holistic Nutrition Specialist and a Professional Life Coach from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts


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