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If your you are a Veteran, Law Enforcement Officer, First Responder or Emergency Based Professional, it could cost a life if you are struggling in mind, body or spirit.




Meet Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Kadee Kotter, who Empowers Heroes to Master Mind, Body, and Spirit, so they can live with Impeccable Honor.

"It all started when I was miraculously healed from spinal meningitis on Christmas at the age of 15 by my grandfather's prayer to Jesus.

Since then, I have felt an inner drive and purpose, helping thousands of people transform their fear into faith, sickness into health, and darkness into light as an independent Missionary in nearly every state in our great country.

After existing with toxic abusive people my whole life, feeling unworthy of success and love, my reality was changed forever when I was arrested, well actually rescued by an Officer. As I was released I felt so lost and alone, sadly facing no other choice but to flee for my life with my oldest three children to live in a DV shelter. I had this thought I couldn't shake, the Officer was an Angel sent from God to release me from the Hell I'd endured in my own personal life. Though I had to face the world alone now, I had been set free to create a new future for myself.

My Hero now was a combat medic in Iraq and Afghanistan who came into our lives to not only love and protect us, but also is my inspiration to serve our Nation's Heroes. The profound healing and transformation he experienced from physical injuries, mental torment, and spiritual injustices by implementing the recommendations in my programs, helps me know I can play a part in improving the quality of life for our Nation's Heroes.

I hold a Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner Diploma, an Associate's in Mind-Body Transformational Psychology, and Certificates of Excellence as a Holistic Nutrition Specialist and a Professional Life Coach from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. 



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