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Holistic Healing for Heroes

If your life's purpose is to serve others as a Veteran, Law Enforcement Officer, First Responder or Mother of future Heroes, it's imperative you feel good and have strong health.

If you lack energy, are in transition or are suffering in mind, body or spirit in any way, contact us now for a free 15 minute healing consultation!


Meet our founder, and Holistic Practitioner who's purpose is to help those who help others to be well and empowered with natural, Bible based health and wellness care:

Kadee Kotter is a Holistic Practitioner and Ordained Minister who empowers Heroes and Mothers with a Bible based, holistic healing approach.

Kadee knows that true peace and healing is a gift from God, and what goes into the body, mind and spirit is insuring a full inspired life, or a slow painful death.

Kadee is a miracle of her own rite, having been fully healed by the laying on of hands from bacterial meningitis on Christmas of 1993. She has helped thousands receive Jesus as their Savior, retrieving their souls from a living hell, their minds from fearful torment and their bodies from pain and sickness.

Kadee has a Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner Diploma, an Associate's in Mind-Body Transformational Psychology, and holds Certificates of Excellence as a Holistic Nutrition Specialist and Professional Life Coach from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts


Holistic Ministries turns no one away for lack of money, and our empowering natural health and wellness services are 100% confidential. 


"After marrying a combat medic who used to suffer with daily migraine headaches, back pain from a crushed pelvis and sleepless nights from PTSD before following my recommendations, I know it is my purpose to help those who suffer as a result of their commitment to serve our country."

~Priestess Kadee


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