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Surviving a near death experience, and having been miraculously healed by prayer to Jesus while her Grandfather who held the priesthood rights of Melchizedec laid hands on her head, Christmas Eve in 1993, Kadee became a miracle of her own rite. At the age of 15 she was destined to choose a path not traveled by many. Home life was very traumatic for her as a teen, and the abuse from violent alcoholics only got worse at home after she nearly fell dead. This behavior was so confusing to her that she desperately sought spiritual truth, and the meaning of life. 

Having no love for herself she got involved in drugs, and began to seek spiritual truths outside of "Christianity" as all she knew of Jesus was Mormonism, and they shunned her as an outcast her whole life due to the fact her parents were alcoholics.

After having lived on her own for a few years in her home town, she realized she was bored with the shallow existence her home town had to offer; drugs, evil, the occult, partying, waitressing and Mormonism. Through a series of amazing miracles & events, she became an independent full time disciple & missionary for Jesus, sold everything she had, and moved to Portland, Oregon to work with the 7,000 homeless youth there. Within weeks of embarking on this mission, Kadee saw the power of God's Love and Light transforming lives through her. She dedicated 7 years of her life to personal study of The Bible & World Religions, while working with those in Portland, and nationally at Rainbow Gatherings. She later expanded her journey with service to the homeless population across the USA by becoming a homeless traveler herself for a few years. This was just the beginning of her journey as a healer and lightworker.

During her traveling years, she was blessed to participate in and learn traditional Native American ceremonies, drumming, healing and spiritual earth wisdom taught to her by Elders, Shaman, Spiritual Leaders, Medicine Men, Medicine Women, and other Indigenous Healers from around the world. 


She believes that all of her personal hardships were orchestrated to prepare her to heal others, and why she created Holistic Ministries. 

The diversity and intensity of these experiences have provided her with what she sees as training from the universe, which has brought her an intense understanding and compassion to help others heal, be well, and enjoy life. She has birthed 7 children naturally, and is passionate about natural, holistic healing methods.

People are fascinated with her spirit and love, and often open up their deep concerns within moments of meeting her. She knows it is God's spirit within her that people are drawn to, and it has become her life purpose and mission to heal and help those who help others, focusing on Veterans, Law Enforcement, First Responders and Service Based Professionals.

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South West Institute of Healing Arts, 2012 - 2015
  • Associate Degree in Holistic Healthcare- Mind-Body-Spirit Transformational Psychology
  • Diploma- Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner Program
  • Certificate of Excellence- Holistic Nutrition Specialist Program
  • Certificate of Excellence- Life Coaching Program 
Universal Life Church
  • Ordained Minister 2003
  • Titled, Ordained Priestess 2016
"Self Love is imperative to create the life you deserve."
 ~Priestess Kadee
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